Results of the day
1Ian Richards43.24
2Michael George40.28
3Antony Todd39.92

First speed session since my 45 knot crash in January!

Today was an opportunity to regain my confidence and try out my new Evo 6 - 5.0m. The conditions were pretty hardcore but the sail felt good and I got some decent speeds.

Tough day for Jason and Shemi due to three foot chop crossing the Ray and winds too strong for their smallest sails.

Ian nailed a great run right at the end of the day with Ant and myself watching. 47.35 peak and 45.68 for 10s. This included a spin out before the end of the run... top marks for regaining control!

Dont know what was wrong with me today!  i felt demotivated and no energy after a couple of runs.. the course was broad and choppy on entry. Well done to Ian for persevering looks like it paid off. :)

Was too shitty for our sunday bike ride so had to go windsurfing instead lol. Super stoked with a massive spot PB 10 sec and 2sec, also small spot pb average in pretty gnarly conditions.

Speed fix sorted :-)