Results of the day
1Bjorn Enqvist30.78
2Anders Bergstrom30.4
3Mick Born30.22
4Henryk Åkesson25.77

Supernice day at fituna. I was able to sail 7,0 and my new isonic 87. Really nice board, good control and doesnt need so much wind. Maybe better with a smaller fin on the downwind.

Super nice day! Perfect day for testing my new equipment and comparing the Reflex 7.8, Ovedrive 7.0 and the Isonics 107 and 80! 

Lighter winds at the beginning, but it was slowly increasing during the day.

I started with Reflex 7.8 and Isonic 107. Very nice combo, top speed was 30,6kt. Not overpowered at all, but to save my un-trained arms, I  changed down to Overdrive 7.0, still on the 107. Top speed now increased to 31,6kt ( I am always faster with smaller sails...). Good to see that the Overdive matches the Reflex in top-speed anyway smiley

Wind was still not that strong, but I was so eger to try the Isonic 80 in margin conditions, so I changed to I-80 with Overdrive 7.0. I was quite surprised to see how quick the I-80 get's going. No problem at all to plane on the I-80.

The new slalomboards have an incredible wind range today. The step between my I-107 and I-80 is quite large, but they are still overlapping each other nicely. I had full control on the I-107 and could definitely have taken more wind with that board and it was still no problem at all to use the I-80.

The ride was very relaxed and comfortable with the I-80 and OD-7.0, so I decided to make try on the hour... Result was not even close to Björnens Fituna record, but at least the best hour for me in a long time... and this on the I-80!! smiley 

Epic day at Fituna! This is a fantastic spot in springtime. Close battle today with Björn and Anders. Grrr... Next time I´ll take a smaller board and fin. I had to much fun om my medium gear, didnt wanna waste time to rig smaller although 7.0 would have been better almost all day.  I totally love the softer feel the Guns have compared to my 2012 North Warp.