Results of the day
1Antony Todd42.55
2Jason Grafton33.8

Early morning sail with Jason at Southend, The wind arrived a bit late so we only had a short window of decent wind before we had to leave the water because of the fast incoming tide. It was a shame as it was just starting to get good with a nice wind angle at the bottom of the west course and super flat.. The best conditions i have seen at Southend in a while!

it could have been good for a NM if we had more time. I managed to get a spot PB and 500m 

well done Jason on your 36kn peak & Average PB, all that hard work and dedication is starting to pay off.

Another early start with Ant, it didn't fill in until later on in the session.

New PB for me, very happy with my progress.

Big thanks to Ant for pushing my limits and well done on your spot PB and 500.