Results of the day
1Antony Todd37.68
2John Kennedy35.92
3Mark Hayford34.63
4Ben Proffitt33.08
Nice fun session this afternoon. Wind was around 315 degrees in the morning, so to broad. At 1pm, it switched to around 290 degrees, nice direction. Very gusty and not strong either, according to west kirby sailing club live weather, it was around 18k average with 28k max gusts, not ideal so rigged a 7m and the big SB W58 board with big fin. A bit of a lottery with it being so gusty, and it was not my day girl finding and locking into the better gusts. Good turn out of UK speedies, regulars and new additions, one in particular is looking like a real contender. Looking forward to seeing him give us all a schooling in proper winds. Just for my records, I switched my gps off as I was about to de-rig, I decided to get a couple more runs in so switched it back on. My I did my two fastest runs during this ten minute period, both high 36's knots with 37 something knots 2 secs and higher 500m etc Will try to merge the two sessions, but first attempt failed on gpsar. Not too bothered as its not a fast session any way. Fun day??

The forecast looked solid so I did the 190 mile trek up to WK, at 9am it looked grim but by midday the cloads cleared, the wind swung and the sun came out so 6.2 and my 95L Mistral.

At time there wasn't enough winds to do more than 2 or 300m semi powered up but I just ploughed on and kept practicing on the 95 as a long winter off the water has made me quite rusty. I probably should have grabbed the 78 but was very comfortable on the 95 so kept banging in the runs and getting some very consistent results with a couple of very peaky belters that never gave me a full run.

Well not a session for the puriest but i achieved what i wanted to achieve..  above 40knots :)
It wasn't great conditions as it was too north for the strength of the wind...  plus it was the weekend so super busy with freeriders (nearly killed a couple) 
So i changed my tactics and when about 1/4 of the way down the lake and got my speed up in the chop and then bore off as i got near the wall...  Bloody hell... small chop has never scared me so much!!!  40knots felt more like 50!!! haha..  
Still a fun day and good to meet a few of the Speed people!! :)  
I'll be back..  with more wind next time!