Results of the day
1Pete Young32.06
2Pete Young31.46
3Lee Spencer29.78
4Paul Arnold27.38
5Chris Pankhurst 24.07

8 at lunch , 7.3 at dinner. Overpowered at lunch, underpowered at dinner. I went for a few nautical miles, very very choppy. Spent most of each session getting back upwind. Nice sunny day out :D

Morning session stacked with 9.0.
Quick evening splash.

cracking day down the harbour, started on 7.8  finished on 7.1 had a short break waiting for water to come back in . nice and sunny too

not very good today  but   feel the speeds registered  are early mornin to my own 

putting 6 3 warp on the  90 was like putting  5 liter engin in a reliant  it couldnt do its job correct and its got nothin todo with me lol