Results of the day
1Jurjen van der Noord35.88
2John Skye35.61
3Ralf Ewers35.15
4Jeroen Helmers33.47
5Jan Hendrik de Bruin30.43
6Gerard ten Berge30.42
7Tim Otte30.15
8Niels de Bruin30.06
9Stijn de Bruin28.07

Not my day today...

Everything perfekt today. A little bit more wind and the fun increases

Mooi dagje, stukje beter dan gisteren :)

Mooie dag weer :)

Top Dag :)

Couldn't quite get the same flow I had yesterday. The wind was a bit stronger, but I never had one really good run. Super consistent with 5x 35+kts, but just couldn't get past 36. Bjorn and the Dutchies stepped up a knock, so think I am back down the pan a bit. 

Heat3 of DSC: again marginal conditiins, heat was stopped after 30 min as wind dropped finally below the limit, managed only to get one decent run .....