Results of the day
1Ian Richards43.17
2Michel Meijer41.88
3Robin Blondeel39.62
4Laurent Fesquet39.27
5Guillaume Piedfert36.48

A hard day at the office, seeing a shark in the shallows kept me on my toes lol.

Gave the sail a bit more downhaul and the first was directly super without slingshotting. After that the conditions became worse and after a long swim in these shark infested waters I wasn't so happy anymore. Almost hit that damn animal with 40+ knots. Nice group people.

PR op de 2 sec!

Prof op je pr.

Ik had een top op diplay 73 geen data recordet JAMMER NA AL DAT ZWOEGEN toch tevreden,noch wat trainen en durf dan komt de 40 knopen er wel.