Results of the day
1Pete Young32.73
2Lee Spencer29.97
3Paul Arnold26.78
4Norman Petty26.08
5Jim Brake25.09
6Chris Pankhurst 23.79

Wind and sunshine..perfect.  Lots out...course square and messy from the masses.

started on 8.6  then changed to 73 and swapped for exocet  

none of of them  cammed so no where close to the same contro of   my 57 warp and 63 warp and  will out perform  the 73 but  wasnt changing any more for  poor wind to what was forcast so   just lay  back chill out  and enjoy some rays baby  took 2 hours to get there  thats double time  Holiday , Holiday  Holiday Time  ( F- -K UM )

Spent all my enery trying to do a good nmi, got about 2/3 of the way and gave up each time/ TBH dont give a toss, got 6 weeks off, half pissed already. Have a nice christmas to one and all

lovely cruising in the sun 

Early start, with no wind, but it  filled in for about 20 minutes and then disappeared again!

Should of hung around as it looked lovely after about 2pm! Until next time.