Results of the day
1Patrick Van Hoof32.99
2Dennis De Pauw30.33
3Tom De Pauw29.75

Very nice TOW at Bages.

Had a lot of fun surfing with/racing my dad, my brothers, Pat, Tania, Gino, K10 and Frank.
Also surfed 40km with my brother’s set, a SB Prokids Flair 72l and a NP Search 5.0m.
It was 7 years ago I surfed something else then a raceboard/sail. Big FUN !
After this I took the Falcon 86 for a spin, but the 29cm fin (my dad was using the 31cm) was too small in the chop, switched after 5km back to the 110l.
All the speeds are done with the Falcon 110 and S07 35 (nice fin!).
I hope Saturday everything comes together for me ...

nice slalom sessionwith Dennis, Gino Frank and Tom

Coole slalomsessie ;-)