Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout41.96
2Ron Koldeweid38.06
3Carsten Hanke37.72
4Marco Smeele36.83
5Robin Blondeel36.34
6Patrick Van Hoof35.6
7Michael Nachtegeller34.78
8Tania Mertens30.43

Low Wind Session with some gusts.

SPA 22 S worked fine.

Posting voor statistiek. Totaal geen wind bij aankomst. Maar toen de windkraan aan ging, heb ik 1 redelijk runnetje kunnen maken. Doordat ik in de verte Ron een vreselijke crash zag maken, ben ik gelijk gestopt en met Ron naar het ziekenhuis gegaan. Na uren daar doorgemaakt te hebben, viel het gelukkig nog mee met Ron zijn verwondingen, gezien de snelheid van de crash. Beterschap kerel!

caddy day, the wind wasn't that strong so it was a great day for Tania to get used on the Fancons.   She did it amazing good and went from 61km to nearly 67 2 sec, super proud.


She was so fast that i was nearly chickedsmileyyes


Never tought that it would be such a perfect day 

The wind didn't look very promissing, so I thought it would be a good day for practising.

I couldn't imagine that I would go this fast. Unfortunately the wind was not consistent, so I only could do 2 good runs. Amazing how easy a run can be when everything matches !!!

PR on max, 100m, 250m, 500 m and 10 sec. ! Stoked !

Fin broke - had a mega crash. Please be careful with fins, be 100% sure the fin you are using is ok and can withstand mega loads of power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to Michael Nachtegeller, Patrick Nachtegeller, Jenny Nachtegeller, father + mother  Nachtegeller and Jacques for taking care of me.

I chose for a high wind slalom session so I could test my new fin. Around 12h the wind picked up and it was fun with a lot of friends. In the afternoon I had the opportunity to test a sonntag sl-r 31. With this fin I got my topspeed and run 1,3 and 4. Maybe the 34 is a bit on the big side. I still want to try it with other combo's. Thanks Pat VH for lending me the sonntag! Also thanks Vincent V for uploading my file with @. 

PS: In the morning Ron K. made a crash wich looked pretty ugly. I hope his injury isn't to bad! Get well!