Results of the day
1Damien Nico44.48
2Antony Todd43.05
3Fred Durozo41.1
4Jean-marc Degrelle40.4
5Nico Nouwen39.94
6Marco Smeele38.23
7Marie-Paule Geldhof36.76
8Benjamin Hoogers26.41

Nice session today, very busy on the course with Kite surfers and fishermen. I only sailed for a few hours before the wind dropped. Spot PB 5x 10 sec Average & 500m 

nice  PRsdevil

Proficiat Mp-ke!

Again struggling to get the correct trim of my 5.6. Tried a lot of things without succes. After some time fed up and changed to 4.9.  Two fastest runs with 4.9 whereafter the wind died..

proficiat Marie-Paule ! Zo'n snelheid jong, diep respect ! 




Proficiat Marie-Paule nice speeds!!!

Wow ! Me bijna voorbij gestoken !!! Proficiat !!!

monday, august,10

too square to be faster,

but nice session in perfect conditions with some speed legends!