Results of the day
1Hans Kreisel43.79
2Antony Todd40
3Alex van der Meer39.73
4Sam Hunt37.33

 A nice day at La Franqui with Ant and Hanz 

 the wind was a bit light tfor my 6.4  54 combo but i am lovong my new Z fins SL 28cm

Thanks Hanz :-)))))))

wWas pleased to finaly crack a 40 not peak on this gear.

would have been nice if there had been a bit more wind to see how far i can push this gear combination.

All in all a great day and hoping for more wind tomorrow  

Finally a nice speedsession been a while had my all-time low after my all-time high. Wind wasn't that strong so decided to stick to the 6,4 and 50 speed and a 23,5 Z-fins ASY that turned out to be the best move. Could nicely let it fly think if i had spend some more time on the water i would have a huge set PB. Hopefully tomorrow some more wind so i can take some smaller kit.


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First day:

started on JP54 with 26cm Z Speed (test from Hans) and 7.0 Evo7... first wasting lot of energy with gusty winds

after the wind picked up and I went down to 6.4 on the JP45 with Z 21, worked well

water was nice and flat