Results of the day
1Jim Crossley30.12
2Simon Pettifer29.33
3Anders Bjorkqvist29.15
4Adrian Wallis26.83
5Garry Connell26.67
6Dave Strudwick26.57
7Robin Russell25.7
8Gavin Nicholson25.03
9Neil Hardwick24.96
10Bill Robinson24.33
11Nic Dodd23.95
12Gary Platt23.6
13Jon Knight23.16
14Jon Knight21.95
15Chris Pankhurst 21.72
16Chris Pankhurst 21.72
17Tania Mertens20.9
18Gary Platt20.61

WSW 15 - Day 1

First day on the water at Weymouth Speed Week, off-shore wind and I sailed the wrong board in a bumpy course (the course was too far out in the harbour), after 4 hours I went in and switched board and set the best run in very light wind.

WSW 2015 Day 2

mast = 100 pro

 popped in for a look 

popped in 

Very pleased to win the day at speed week!...rough conditions

First windy day of speed week

wsw sunday afternoon went on about 15.15pm for quick blast for an hour

weymouth speed week