Results of the day
1Patrick Van Hoof31.88
2Anders Bjorkqvist31.79
3Simon Pettifer31.77
4Jim Crossley31.61
5Zara Davis28.76
6John Kennedy28.43
7Garry Connell28.37
8John Oliver28.19
9Adrian Wallis27.7
10Russ Clark27.59
11Robin Russell27.35
12Dave Strudwick27.31
13Gavin Nicholson26.3
14Tim Gulland25.71
15Neil Hardwick25.59
16Nic Dodd25.43
17Gary Platt23
18Tania Mertens22.97

WSW 2015 Day 3

mast = 75 Freeride

WSW Day 2

Taking part in Weymouth Speed week, Gusty southerly winds not ideal at Weymouth. Good fun all the same.

On the good side, the E-bomb 5/4/3 kept me warm all day, on the down side the sail broke badly at 11.00 and I spent 2 hours walking and it was not easy to use Duct tape when it was rain all the time, back on the course at 1.30 PM, not easy to do the lines through the course, and quite choppy today too.

Last minute decision to take a couple of days off and got to Speed Week, the South wind was horribly gusty and I just couldn't get dialled in especially in the race box so quite disappointing really. I did spend some time tuning outside the box and got a lot better peaks but the 500m just wasn't there for me today :(

Pleased to take the win in the morning session!  In the afternoon every went quicker in the stronger wind but I couldn't get any more from the 8.4.

wsw mon bit lumpy bit just like rutlan but bigger area to sail

Weymouth speed week

Monday of Speedweek.