Results of the day
1Matthew York26.42
2Garry Connell25.55
3John Kennedy25.2
4John Oliver25.11
5Robin Russell25.1
6Adrian Wallis25.09
7Anders Bjorkqvist24.91
8Simon Pettifer24.52
9Nic Dodd23.97
10Shemi Adams23.49
11Neil Hardwick22.26
12Gavin Nicholson21.84
13Gary Platt21.3

Third day in Weymouth, a forecast in the morning, I was a bit late to the course and after 15 min they closed the course and after a good hour most wind where gone, did only a slow run through the course.

WSW Day 3

Rubbish wind, nothing much to say :(

WSW 2015 Day 4

tuesday off speed week (day 2 for me ) day one monday i cant find anywhere :(

harbour course a bit choppy and rain all day , not fun but ok ,still in 10th overal


wsw tues same direction as mon


Weymouth speed week