Results of the day
1Antony Todd39.99
2Matthew York38.07
3Neil Hardwick37.77
4Mark Ingram37.56
5Chris Bates36.69
6Mark Hayford35.63

That was the most expensive days sailing I ever had !

My mast extension completely snapped in half trashing my Board and sail on the first couple of runs.

luckly I took my W49 so I up eneded up having a great day. Sunny, warm (ish) & a great turn out...

No great speeds on my big stuff but it wasnt going to stop me from having a fun day at the Kirb.

I'm first to post so no doubt the others have gone alot faster.

So I've nipped to Tesco on the way home for extra pies for the boys when they kick my ass :-)



Nice session at sunny West Kirby for a change. Pretty light conditions and broad. Nice to catch up with all local boys.. 

Nice to see so many speed sailors out on the water

MAST 100% Pro


A nice session after a long period off. Good to meet up with everyone again. Wind was a bit dead in the middle of the runs unfortunately. A good session none the less. Sunny , what more can you ask for :-)

Way off pace today. Couldn't understand why my sail lacked acceleration and power, or why I struggled to get going!!! School boy error, Far to much downhaul, completely killed the sails power, only realised after the wind died off. Won't be making that mistake again :))

Good to catch up with every one. 

great day at west kirby , nice to get back into it after 7months with no wind :(

great to catch up with ant todd and mark ingram and the west kirby boys ,mark,stu,neil,chris

was good to finally unpack the new 2015 ac1 6.3 , and to finally use the w49 ive had for months , not bad speeds either really , tried a few fins out ,but the best for me was the black projects fins x45 21 :)

roll on the next session