Results of the day
1Ian Richards41.54
2Antony Todd40.02
3Sam Latham37.81
4Michael George37.07
5Matthew York36.69
6Jason Grafton34.67

rock n roll

An intersting day with a good turn out albeit very busy. I rigged my 4.6 SCR as per forecast although it wasnt as windy as expected. in hindsite I should have rigged my 5.0. 

nevertheless it was an enjoyable session if a bit too broad.

Role on the next session. 

the ray , it was fun , not quite epic sadly ,but great to chat up with every one , small window today as low tide was like 1 o clock ,sadly the wind started to to drop at the same time ,still fun though

i was using the ac1 5.0m today on the starboard w44 and black projects fin xls 19

40.04 knots peak speed but 39.94 knots over 2 seconds.

What a disappointing session! I did 3 runs whilst the wind was building then headed up the channel for a nautical mile attempt. The wind strength and angle would have been really great for a mile attempt whilst I was sailing / walking upwind.

The wind dropped when I got to the top of the course and after waiting for 45 minutes, I decided to head back in case the wind completely died on me. I had to zig-zig back downwind for the whole mile, regularly dropping off the plane and swimming back to the bank!