Results of the day
1Antony Todd43.01
2Michael George42.14
3Matthew York41.7
4Andy Holland40.85
5Tristan Haskins39.84
6Neil Hardwick39.16
7Jason Grafton37.46
8Michael George37.04
9Tony Burgess35.3
10Robin Russell33.65
11Tony Robinson31.04
12Rob Morgan25.39

Morning session before the tide, very square.

Afternoon session was 90 minutes but the middle 30 minutes were fastest. Quite a few WK PBs - 10s, 5x10s, 250m, 500m. :)

Video -

A nice little sail. I'm to eager and missed the windest part thought trying to sail back up the cousre which didn't go well, never mind.

Good turn out today at West Kirby. The wind was pretty good for a short while after lunch but the angle was pretty square.

Nice to see Mike G and Jason getting some new PB's well done..

sailed like a muppet,swam well though !

nice speed crowd about,


First session in 7 months. Too square, hard work, but fun ! Nice to see everyone in between the showers and squalls. Andy H in hospital with a "foreign body" in his eye at 42 knots !! :-( Get well soon Andy :-)

Tris posting on Andy's behalf. Andy in hospital with a foreign body in his eye !!! :-( 

friday the 13th ,a good turn out at west kirby , dam cold though,great to see my old mates tristan and andy ,been a while , average day untill the tide retreated , got a mental hour of 40knot winds , shame id just changed up to a 5.6 and my biggest speed board w49 , but still was flying so not all bad , good results by all , pbs for mike george well done there matey

An interesting session, I found it very gusty and difficult to get going and settle down once going down the course, I was trying out a weight jacket, perhaps i should of ditched it and spent less time swimming.

I seem to go from bad to worse where speed sailing is concerned. I think I've lost the drive and passion for it. I really didn't enjoy this trip. Hours in the van on the road in heavy traffic and in the cold carpark. I'm not giving up just yet, I just need some good sessions.

Good to see everyone and well done to all who stuck at it and hope Andy's ok.


My first sesson at west kirby and oh boy it was cold. especially as we've had such mild conditions up until now.

I mangaed to get just 4 runs in before the tide breached and was just getting a feel for the course and the wall. In the afternoon I went out as it picked up and the sun came out. I was gaining confidence with every run. im told it wasn't the best direction. nevertheless I achieved several PB's missing out on achieving 40 peak by a smidging.

Nice to meet a few new people and some familiar faces. well done to everyone who achieved PB's. get well soon Andy.

A big thank you to Ian Richards who committed to go. but didn't get out due to illness.

Looking forward to my next trip.

My first trip to West Kirby. Enjoyable if cold day. Shame I finished wiping out my mast. Good average speeds for me. Seems my board was wide compared to others!