Results of the day
1Jim Crossley44.75
2Ian Richards43.59
3Antony Todd43.49
4Neil Hardwick40.61
5Ian Richards38.43
6Zara Davis37.96
7Tony Robinson33.67
8Darren Mathers33.08
9Bill Robinson28.79

Mast 100% SpeedPro

Felt comfortable able to sheet in, maybe a little under powered. Runs were short about 250m before hiting chop, stopping was an issue at times

all good fun. 

how do they do this , mental

how do these boys do this mental

how these boys get their speed in monster condition is mind blowing

cheers for tip off Zara, ( follow me ) nice x

9 hours driving with one board and one sail in the van for 2 hours on the water was a lot of work but it was worth it.  Conditions were mental and I rigged my sail all a bit wrong while trying to hold it down in 50 knots.  Had to use brute force to pin it down round the slingshot...all in all could have done with a smaller rig.

Not a classic but good to be back on a speed board.

Very windy day at West Kirby, had to use a 4.6 race sail luckily lent to me by Farrell for the 1st time, Wall breached at 12.00 and didnt get to sail till after 3.00  gave it my best but the conditions were tough.

Sunday morning session, square conditions

good times had, bloody windy and square early on, too cold and no time to sail after tide....