Results of the day
1Ian Richards44.41
2Antony Todd43.41
3Dave White43.18
4Simon Harris37.38
5Shaun Cook36.48
6Jason Grafton34.57

Fun sesh on the Ray, needed a bit more wind but pleased with a pb session for this spot. got the 5.4 feeling nice and got the weight jacket a bit more sorted....great day.

Nice session today tuning the 5.4's, PB for Southend..

Starting to gt back inthe grove, need more wind until I get latest sails, or more than one anyway. Looking at the other guys times it seems I missout on high peak speeds, guess I'm a steady eaddy by nature


Shaun Cook just been round comparing our day and noticed I didn't have any mile runs. Turns out my gps stopped recording after an hour, devistated as everyone went quicker in the afternoon. Won't let that happen again.