Selling my fastest sail, a pre-production Evo 14 4.9m.   €500.  No offers. 

I got 50.05 over 500m on this sail, and 51+ max.

Rigs on 370 TPX RDM with 16 extension.  Cosmetically different colour to the producion Evo14.

Used for 2.5 weeks in Luderitz 2022, and a handful of times in Ireland on Speedboard and Foil Board. 

I will also be selling my 5.3m version, once a replacement is confirmed.

Contact for pictures etc...    In Ireland, but can ship to UK/EU at buyers cost, or bring to DefiWind in May. 

ir 777 at me dot com

Hi Oisin,

I would be interested in the 5.3 when you are ready to sell it if available still? My Evo I 5.4 is getting a little tired. I am over in Wrexham North Wales, so not too far away.

Many thanks

Tim Humphreys

i would like to buy your 4.9 evo 14 but i need it shipped to perth western australia

could i possibly get you to do this , i will have to pay the transport

i am 80 years old and i currently hold the 2 second record for the fastest 80 year old

kevin page  0437380233

@tim, sorry 5.2 is SOLD.
@Kevin Page, pls email me on email shown on end of first post.  ir 777 @ me . com

4.9 SOLD