hi all,
i recently picked up my new gt31, upgraded to the most recent firmware.
the following problem occurs:

the unit powers down by pressing the power-button also when keylock is activated.
on my bgt11 everything is fine, when keylocked none of the keys triggers any action.
can anybody please confirm? maybe there is a firmware error which should be fixed...

best regards, thorsten
I haven't seen this... the only reason that I can think of is that there is a hardware problem with the button-contacts.  Do you have the option of swapping it for a different unit?
Hi Mathew,
maybe i can test it on the unit owned by my surf-club...
but at least there is one other user in germany reporting the same misbehavior of the gt31.

also i can´t see why it should be a hardware problem, since the power-button works exactly as it should when not key-locked.

best regards, thorsten
just to inform,
serial no is 832004244....
I also just recently purchased a gt-31, and upgraded to firmware 1.2B1405x.

The gt-31 manual, page 7 has the following:

At any stage press In and Hold the Thumbstick to activate the HOLD KEY function.
If [KEY LOCK] is defined, HOLD KEY is used to lock or unlock Thumbstick and ESC.

So just pressing and holding the joystick only (or thumbstick as they call it) will invoke the keylock.  I think in Basil's manual, (which is great, thanks Basil), on page 5 it is written that you need to press and hold the toggle key and the power button together for at least 4 seconds.

In my case, when I have key lock activated, my device can be turned off by holding the ESC button just as if key lock were not activated.  However, as you would expect, the joystick is de-activated.  This seems the same as Thorsten's gt-31.

Can some other people confirm that their's works the same way?  Maybe the manufacturer wanted this to occur?

Hi Craig,
thank you for mentioning the manual page. on my bgt11 this works exactly as described. on gt31 the joystick gets disablet but not the esc-key.

i think this should be changed to the way describen in the manual.

best regards, thorsten

Hi Craig,

 I can confirm that with latest software (firmware 1.2B1405x) on  both my GT31 the joystick gets disable when keylocked but not the esc-key.  If the escape- key is held down by mistake the system will turn off, even if the joystick is key lock. Is this how it is supposed to work, i am not sure if this was the case with previous firmware?




Hi all,
just to inform you that i contacted Tom Chalko about this and also Locosys Support.
Tom offered to communicate the issue to locosys.
Let´s see what will happen.

Best regards, Thorsten
I've communicated this to Locosys and just had confirmation that it'll be addressed in a new firmware version V1.2B18xx to be released shortly. In the mean time, check your GPS during your session to make sure it has not accidentally been reset or switched off, as the power button is not disabled during keylock at present.
Any news on that firmware release?

Regards, Thorsten
Any News?
Nothing new at

regards, thorsten
I've been told by Locosys that a test version to address this issue will be out this coming Wednesday.
Other exciting plans are in the pipeline regarding the unit.
Hi Basil,
that´s good news!
will the test version made available public?