I am trying to upload an sbp file but having issues (09:16 23/05/200). The status shows the track has loaded twice, with different id's, yet the status bar continues to scroll as though it has not yet completed. Logging out and back in does not help, so when I go back to post the session it still shows it is uploading. The sbp file displays correctly in Gpsar. I had this issue once before, and after a long time, and I am talking days for one track, it sorted itself out. Track recorded on a GW60 V1.3A0926B

Also get this trying add the post-"Error adding topic" in Tech forum



I have the same problem, keeps uploading. Never had this problem before. Also hoping for a solution.

gr, stefan

Hi guys, please be patient, website is very busy at this moment, you could retry it also later tonight, we have hundreds tracks processing at this moment, so could take some time

Ok thanks. See it is sorted now