Hello, I'm not able to sync Coros and GPS speedsurfing

I go into Dashboard -> My items -> and click on the Coros symbol.


Afterwards I get the the confirmation stating that:

"Your account is succesfull connected with Coros, your windsurf sessions will be automatically synced from Coros to this website and directly posted. You can change your session details like used gear and comment on the "admin session" page under Dashboard-My sessions."


However, syncing is not happening and when I go into Dashboard -> My Items -> Devices afterwards my Coros watch is not showing up...


Do I need to use the same email adress for both accounts?


Should be fixed now, also contacted you by PM, could you please confirm all is fixed ? Also new firmware for both Coros & Vertix is about to be released :)

Yes, works fine, thank you!

I have the same problem as Tom, no sync, dont see my COROS watch.

Hi Lars,

Please contact us at and we will check out what's wrong, at our side all is up and running....