NameAndrew Daff
HomespotSandy Point, VictoriaVirtual Earth
Sponsor(s)KA Sails Australia

Weight74 kg
Weight Class71-80
Height177 cm
Age classSuper Master (61-70)
Member sinceSaturday, October 23, 2004
Sessions posted284
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DateFriday, March 1, 2013
Event2013 Lake George GPS Event
SpotLake George, SA, AustraliaShows Spot in Virtual Earth
BoardCarbon Art Sp 40, 2008
SailKA Sails Koncept 2013 5.0, 2013
FinKA-Fin Lockwood McDougall Assy 20
GPS typeNavi GT-31

Average speed41.97 knots ( 42.47 42.19 42.15 41.55 41.51 )Shows Runs in Virtual Earth
Max. 2 sec.43.21 knots
100 m run43.02 knots
250 m run42.23 knots
500 m run41.42 knots
Nautical mile38.66 knots
1 hour18.52 knots
Alpha racing27.11 knots
Distance114 km
Windspeed27 - 31 knots
Wind directionSE ( 270)


Amazing speeds today for so little wind. Gusts to very little over 30 knots.

Water super flat in speed runs.

Tried for 1 hr for half and hour but was feeling quite uncomfortable and felt the speed was not going to be 30 knots average so aborted. Half hour average speed was just over 29 knots so I was right.

Tried a number of different fins and came back to the old faithful KA assy 20cm for the speed.

Ran the old IS50 with Koncept 5m and Vector 23cm speed weed for the aborted 1 hr attempt. Fin probably just a little bit too big for rhe conditions.

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