If you’re a new rider and you want to buy a GPS and start posting your speeds there is really only one option. Our recommended device is the Navi GT-31, the older version (GT-11) is still being sold and a very good alternative. For people really focussing on getting high up in the ranking the GT-31 is definitely the device one should buy. The device is easy to use and easy to download. The device can be set before going out on the water and with the help of Speed Genie, speeds are shown according to the pre-set time intervals.

GPS-Speedsurfing can help you to find a local reseller or you can order the device directly at Gps-Speedsurfing. Contact us via dylan(at) and we will provide you the information.

The latest devices can show Doppler speeds. Without getting too technical Doppler gives us a way to measure speed more precisely. With the GT-11 and GT-31 we can check a lot more variables to see if a run is measured the correct way. Obviously this is very important for our rankings, therefore we are showing within the rankings if someone used a Doppler device or not. Non Doppler devices like the Gecko or Foretrex are still accepted but the results are not being taken as seriously. Anyone serious about speed should buy a Navi or replace his or her older devices by a new Doppler device.


These are the devices which are allowed on

 Which GPS should I choose?

  • Recommend device:Navi GT31/ Navi GT11 / Amaryllo Triptracker
  • Allowed devices: Garmin- Edge, Geko, Foretrex, Forerunner and Etrex (legend and vista)
  • Testing Phase/ Trial: Velocitek (jan 2008)




Geko / Fortrex


AquaPack needed



Yes / No


Show 10-sec AVG





Show 10-sec AVG history





Logging interval

1 sec

1 sec

2 sec


Support Doppler





Support SDOP                
Data Loggers

SD card and device

SD card and device



Max log time



6 hours


Download speed










The Navi GT-11 / Amaryllo
The NAVi GT-11 is a fantastic little unit that has the highest level of accuracy (1 sec interval) of any GPS we use for speedsailing when set up correctly (using Doppler). Besides that the Navi display's the avg 10 sec runs. The track data is stored on a sd memory card, wich allows you to store almost unlimited data on the device. The other pro is that you only need to insert the sd card in your card reader to get the data, much quicker than downloading from a garmin device.
It wasn't designed specifically for our needs but firmware revisions have turned it into a potent little device. All the features and menu screens may seem a bit daunting at first but here's a simple guide to setting it up that will have you on the water and downloading data in no time. But you still need a aqua pack! Recommended firmware level:v161B0727a (or higher). The choice is yours!
Tom Chalko wrote a the user manualfor the setting up the Navi
Navi manual .
Tom also wrote a handy article about using the
Navi in a aquapack .
The latest firmware can be downloaded from
here. .

Geko 201
The Docko can only be recommended to people starting with GPs-speedusrfing and not being sure if they want to start posting on a regular base. Since the introduction of the Navi devices there are some cheap second hand devices out there.  You should always carry it in an aquapack since it's not fully waterproof.

Garmin Foretrex201
The Garmin Foretrex201 is a full water resistant version of the Geko201 which is possible to wear on you wrist. The advantage is that the device can carried at your wrist, without an aquapac and that the display is bigger than the Geko201. But, at the moment the Foretrex201 has two disadvantages when using the device for speedsurfing: The wristband can open easily when you
?ve been in a serious crash, and the device is very sensitive regarding software and electric errors. The Foretrex, just like the Gecko can only be recommended to new users wanting to check if they like to participate in the fun.

For the Geko and Foretrex you need a data interface cable to retrieve the data from the gps to your computer. You can either choose for a com interface or USB interface cable. The transmission speed does not differ, its is only the conection type. Check your computer if it has a com port or usb interface port.

How should I adjust my Garmin Geko201 and Garmin Foretrex201 GPS? The right setup
For we use a 2 second interval. It
?s very important to set up your GPS device at this standard. The reasons for this are that the 1 second interval gives to much irregular data and your memory of the GPS will be full soon.

  • Step 1: Start the GPS and go to MENU
  • Step 2: Choose TRACKS
  • Step 3: Choose SETUP
  • Step 4: Check if RECORDING is ON
  • Step 6: Put VALUE on 00:00:02 (or 00:02 if you use the Foretrex201)
  • Step 7: Put WRAPP WHEN FULL on 'no'

Other GPS tips

  • Clear the GPS memory before you go on the water.
  • Empty you memory before you go surfing, via MENU, TRACKS, CLEAR.
  • Take care that your TRIP DATA has been reset.
  • Take care that your MAX SPEED has been reset. (You can reset this also when you are sailing, so you are able to see your speed after every run. The device will automatically store the speeds in memory.)
  • To prevent that you have problems with your Garmin Foretrex201 the best is to leave the language on English. When you change to another language tests have shown that the device can work improperly for unknown reason.
  • Most of the GPS devices have a function to save a track on the device itself. DON?T DO THIS. You will loose a lot of data you need to calculate your speed. The device will only save the most essential waypoints. Nice for a forest walk, but a disaster when your at home after a very windy day and you start analysing your session...
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