Very important for this site is that all viewers and riders have faith in the speeds that a rider has posted in a session.

The way we do that is by analysing the gps-tracks that can be downloaded from a GPS.

To do this there are several Regional Timekeepers all over the world who check and help riders with posting sessions:

- Australia: Ian Fox
- Austria: Rob Sturm
- Belgium: Reginald Gyselinck
- Germany: Markus Schwendtner
- Greece: Alexander Doukas
- France: Guillaume Demartres
- Italy: Andrea Bargi
- New Zealand: Mike Sinclair
- The Netherlands: Raymond Wortel
- South-Africa / Namibia: Henny Bredenkamp
- Sweden: Jesper Kinnas
- Norway: Morten Andersen
- United Kingdom: Mike Pacey
- USA: Craig Bergh

For other countries the overall Timekeeper (Roger van Tongeren) is available.

If you have any questions or would like to become RTK for a country then please contact the Timekeeper (roger (at) gps-speedsurfing (dot) com).
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1George Fulton28.15
2Ignace Joris19.95
3Shaw Goh20.59
4Matthew Townsend36.07
5Brett Neilands34.04
6Michael Nordström33.47
7Alf Bachmann24.64
8Rainer Motloch31.29
9Nick Teo25.86
10Raf Alexander27.24
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