This website obviously is all about speed on the water, but even more so about fun. With the help of modern day handhelds we can store a sailing day in a GPS and extract the speeds we sailed all day. This website is focussing on maximum speeds over different distances.


We’ve got more and more members from all over the world and in 2008 we started a cooperation with the ISWC and PKRA, the professional speedsurfers and kitesurfers association. On a daily base many riders from all over the world are posting windsurf and kitesurf sessions. We’ve got a minimum number of rules to ensure fair races and we’re proud to say up till now we didn’t have a single rider that willingly posted falsified speeds. Timekeepers are installed to ensure fair races.


All over the world people are looking for the best venue. Sandy Point-Australia, Walvis Bay-Namibia, Southend-England, Les Saintes Marie de la Mer-France, the Brace-Holland, are just a few examples of fast spots now in use. But apart from going extremely fast at super flat venues this website is also and even mainly about fighting it out on the water with a sailing friend, or yourself.


GPS is a help to improve your sailing skills. You will notice immediately that you will go faster or slower when changing something about your gear or sailingstyle. GPS will also help you to get in contact with many people from all over the world sharing the same interest. If you like to go fast be welcome and join the fun.



We publish new website functions as soon as we have the core scenarios nailed and ship the bug fixes to web gradually after that. We rely on user feedback, the faster we get your feedback the better. The basic principle behind this approach is that ideas can sound great on paper but in practice turn out to be suboptimal. The sooner we publish new features, the sooner we will find out about fundamental issues that are wrong with an idea we had before. 

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Martin van Meurs (Strategy & Sports)

Dylan de Jong (Technology & Webdevelopment)

Jan Hendrik de Bruin (Marketing & Communication)


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