Running Events
Event nameStart DateEnd DateCountry
Masters of Chop 2015 (Tjeukemeer) 1/1/201512/31/2015
WSCA Westeinder Speedking - 20153/1/201511/30/2015
2015 SFB Speed King3/1/201510/15/2015
2015 Odyssey of Speed3/1/20159/30/2015
German Speed King 20151/1/201512/31/2015
Oolderplas Speed Ranking 20151/1/201512/31/2015
De snelste van het Oostvoornse Meer 20151/1/201512/31/2015
Belgian Allround GPS Speedevent (BAGS) 20153/7/201511/15/2015
spuikom challenge 2O151/1/201512/31/2015
Paulina Speed Masters (PSM) 20151/1/201512/31/2015
Hoofdplaat Speed Mile (HSM) 20151/1/201512/31/2015
Weed Speed Race 20153/1/201511/29/2015
Singlis-Speed-Challenge 20151/1/201512/31/2015
Speedchallenge Berlin Brandenburg 20151/1/201511/15/2015
2015 Kraaij GPS Challenge1/1/201512/31/2015
2014 Wurster Top FIVE1/1/201512/31/2015
2015 Wurster Speedmeile 2014 20159/1/20147/31/2015
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Apart from sailing on an individual base you can also subscribe for events. An event consists of a fixed time period in which sailors can race to become first in one of our rankings. Some events are sailed only whenever an organiser gives a call, at other events you can sail whenever you like during the pre set timeframe.


If you are interested to organise an event you can get in contact with us and request for an event section on the website. You will get acces to the event admin tool and you can create and moderate your own events. Drop an e-mail to


After inscribing for your event the competitors will se the event in the drop down menu when posting a session. Every time a competitor has sailed a session under the event rules at the given spots allowed for the given event he or she should use the event drop down menu button and insert this event before posting the session.


When interested you can create sponsored events and in the event banner you can advertise at will.


You can also publish the event sessions and rankings on your own web site, see [Info and rules] -> [RSS feed]

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  Past scheduled Events
Event nameStart DateEnd DateCountry
2014 TWS Slalom Stages Tenerife11/1/20141/31/2015
WSCA Speedking Westeinderplassen10/1/201411/30/2014
2014 SFB Speed King9/12/201410/25/2014
2014 Belgian Allround GPS Speedevent1/1/201412/31/2014
2104 dümmer fast forward5/8/20149/30/2014
2014 Dunkerbeck GPS speed challenge6/8/20146/15/2014
2014 Singlis-Speed-Challenge1/1/201412/31/2014
2014 Estonian Speed King4/26/201411/16/2014
2014 GPS Challenge Makkum4/1/201410/31/2014
2014 German Speed King 20141/1/201412/31/2014
2014 De snelste van het Oostvoornse Meer 20142/1/201412/28/2014
2014 Hoofdplaat Speed Mile-HSM2/1/201412/31/2014
2014 Paulina Speed Masters-PSM2/1/201412/31/2014
2014 Odyssey of Speed3/1/20149/30/2014
2104 BAY Speed Masters1/1/201412/31/2014
2014 TBB Speedchallenge1/1/201412/31/2014
2014 Weed Speed Race3/1/201411/30/2014
2014 Oolderplas Speed Ranking1/1/201412/31/2014
2014 Tjeukemeer Speed10/15/201310/31/2014
2013 Oolderplas Speedranking Oktober10/1/201310/31/2013
2013 GPS Challenge Series - Cabrillo Beach Inner Bay8/1/201312/31/2013
2014 Wurster Speedmeile8/15/20137/31/2014
2013 Karpathosspeed.com7/26/20138/7/2013
2013 Weed Speed Race Horst6/30/201312/1/2013
2013 NK Speed5/1/201311/30/2013
2013 USM5/1/201311/30/2013
2013 Estonian Speed King4/27/201311/17/2013
2013 Lake Isabella Speed Quest5/10/20137/28/2013
2013 FUNSPORT Makkum GPS Challenge4/1/201310/31/2013
2013 Dümmer 5-Speed4/1/20138/31/2013
2013 Odyssey of Speed3/1/20139/30/2013
2013 German Speed King1/1/201312/31/2013
2013 Russian Championship GPS-Speed Windsurfing1/1/201312/31/2013
2013 Lake George GPS Event1/1/20133/1/2013
2013 Winter Hellenic Speed Challenge12/1/20122/28/2013
2013 Wurster Speedmeile9/1/20127/31/2013
2012 King of Paradise1/1/20127/1/2013
2012 King of the Fjord1/1/20127/1/2013
2012 BHH Speed1/1/20127/1/2013
2012 Speed Weed Championships1/1/20127/1/2013
2012 Lithuanian GPS Speed Challenge1/1/20127/1/2013
2012 Odyssey of Speed1/1/20127/1/2013
2012 Dümmer One Hour1/1/20127/1/2013
2012 Estonian Speed King1/1/20127/1/2013
2012 NK Speed1/1/20127/1/2013
2012 USM1/1/20127/1/2013
2012 FUNSPORT Makkum GPS Challenge1/1/20127/1/2013
2012 Hellenic Speed Meetings1/1/20127/1/2013
2012 German Speed King1/1/20127/1/2013
2012 British GPS Speed Championships1/1/20127/1/2013
2011 Surf Speed Battle1/1/20127/1/2013
2011 Stormrider classic 5001/1/20127/1/2013
2011 Esonstad 4 Sails1/1/20127/1/2013
2011 FSM - Oktober1/1/20127/1/2013
2012 Wurster Speedmeile1/1/20127/1/2013
2011 King of Paradise1/1/20127/1/2013
2011 Lithuanian GPS Speed Challenge1/1/20127/1/2013
2011 Midwest Speed Quest1/1/20127/1/2013
2011 King Of The Fjord1/1/20127/1/2013
2011 Estonian Speed King1/1/20127/1/2013
2011 Bad Hoophuizen Speed1/1/20127/1/2013
2011 Funsport Makkum GPS Challenge1/1/20127/1/2013
2011 Odyssey of Speed1/1/20127/1/2013
2011 NK Speed1/1/20127/1/2013
2011 Telstar Ultimate Speed Meeting1/1/20127/1/2013
2011 Greek Speed Championships1/1/20127/1/2013
2011 British GPS Speed Championships1/1/20127/1/2013
2011 German Speed King1/1/20127/1/2013
2011 Wurster Speedmeile1/1/20127/1/2013
2010 King of Paradise1/1/20127/1/2013
2010 Greek GPS Speed Challenge1/1/20127/1/2013
2010 King Of The Sound1/1/20127/1/2013
2010 Swiss Fun Speed Battle1/1/20127/1/2013
2010 King Of The Fjord1/1/20127/1/2013
2010 Lithuanian GPS Speed Challenge1/1/20127/1/2013
2010 Midwest Speed Quest1/1/20127/1/2013
2010 Eurofun FSM1/1/20127/1/2013
2010 Estonian Speed King1/1/20127/1/2013
2010 Telstar Fun Speed Meeting-11/1/20127/1/2013
2010 NK Speed1/1/20127/1/2013
2010 Telstar Ultimate Speed Meeting1/1/20127/1/2013
2010 Telstar Speed Trophy (incl. rematch Swe-Hol)1/1/20127/1/2013
2010 Bad Hoophuizen Speed1/1/20127/1/2013
2010 Greek National Speedwindsurfing Championships1/1/20127/1/2013
Lithuanian El Tur GPS Speed Chalenge 20101/1/20127/1/2013
Wurster Speedmeile 20101/1/20127/1/2013
German Speed King 20101/1/20127/1/2013
Bavarian Speed RockerZ – catch “The Loft” 1/1/20127/1/2013
The Wind Experience by Kater1/1/20127/1/2013
KA Sail North American Amateur GPS Speed Challenge1/1/20127/1/2013
Fun Speed Meeting 2009 - 21/1/20127/1/2013
Eurofun FSM 20091/1/20127/1/2013
Midwest Speed Quest 20091/1/20127/1/2013
Estonian Speed King 20091/1/20127/1/2013
NK Speed 20091/1/20127/1/2013
Ultimate Speed Meeting 20091/1/20127/1/2013
Fun Speed Meeting 2009 - 11/1/20127/1/2013
Bad Hoophuizen Speed 20091/1/20127/1/2013
AHD GPS Speed Challenge - The Heineken Trophy!1/1/20127/1/2013
British GPS Speed Contest1/1/20127/1/2013
GPS Series South Australia1/1/20127/1/2013
German Speed King 20091/1/20127/1/2013
Irish Speedsailing Championships1/1/20127/1/2013
FSM The Wind Experience by Kater1/1/20127/1/2013
KA Sail North American Amateur GPS Speed Challenge1/1/20127/1/2013
Eurofun FSM 20081/1/20127/1/2013
Midwest Speed Quest 20081/1/20127/1/2013
Telstar NK Speed 20081/1/20127/1/2013
F2 Ultimate Speed Meeting 20081/1/20127/1/2013
1st Greek GPS Speed Challenge1/1/20127/1/2013
British GPS Speed Contest1/1/20127/1/2013
KA Sails & Locosys: Summer Speed Challenge1/1/20127/1/2013
European Speed Meeting 20071/1/20127/1/2013
Midwest Speed Quest 20071/1/20127/1/2013
2007 KA sail NorthAmerican Amateur GPS Speed Challenge1/1/20127/1/2013
2007 KA New Zealand Speed Challenge1/1/20127/1/2013
2007 ESM Record Attempt1/1/20127/1/2013
2007 Naish Speed Party Powered by GPS-Speedsurfing1/1/20127/1/2013
2007 F2 Ultimate Speed Meeting1/1/20127/1/2013
2006 Glenorchy Hotel Pro-Am Re-union Speed week1/1/20127/1/2013
2006 King of the 1/1/20127/1/2013
2006 LSM Kater Masters of Speed1/1/20127/1/2013
2006 KA Sail: The US Amateur Speed Challenge1/1/20127/1/2013
2006 European Speed Meeting1/1/20127/1/2013
2006 Midwest Speed Quest1/1/20127/1/2013
2006 Al Green's Caloundra City Sailboards Speed Fortnight1/1/20127/1/2013
2006 New Zealand National GPS speed sailing series1/1/20127/1/2013
2005 New Zealand National GPS speed sailing series1/1/20127/1/2013
Local SpeedMeeting Eurofun1/1/20127/1/2013
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2Andrey Vashkevich34.05
3Lander Waelput31.55
4Hugo Hekkenberg30.62
5Henning ter Horst30.63
6Dan Ward28.13
7Hallvar Frey26.56
8Allan Cross37.65
9Fernando Lozano24.02
10Sam Hunt37.71
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