NameMichael George
HomespotBrogboroughVirtual Earth
CountryUnited Kingdom
Sponsor(s)Seasprite (RRD boards) + Pryde Group UK (NP sails)

Weight71 kg
Weight Class71-80
Height178 cm
Age classMaster (36-50)HomepageFacebookyoutube
Member sinceThursday, November 8, 2007
Sessions posted297
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DateSaturday, October 4, 2008
EventBritish GPS Speed Contest
SpotPortland Harbour, Weymouth, United Kingdom
BoardJP Slalom III 69, 2007
SailNeilpryde RS Slalom MKII 5.4, 2008
FinSelect SL7 Silver 29
GPS typeNavi GT-11

Average speed31.44 knots ( 32.3 32.13 31.87 30.45 30.44 )
Max. 2 sec.33.49 knots
100 m run32.69 knots
250 m run31.8 knots
500 m run31.34 knots
Nautical mile21.57 knots
1 hour11.42 knots
Alpha racing19.21 knots
Distance36 km
Windspeed25 - 35 knots

RemarksThe first day of Weymouth Speed Week and my first time in a speed competition - a slightly odd activity for a freestyler! The course was a bit tight for my liking - perhaps only 10 or 15 degrees off a beam reach and that doesn't seem to favour lightweights (whereas there seems little or no handicap when it is very broad). I did 8 runs during the first session (6.2m sail) and 7 runs during the second (5.4m sail). I was sailing faster during the second session but my best 500m was during the first session (official result of 30.30 knots over 536m). I missed the third session and what could have possibly been the best one when I went back to the van for a snack and let the back door swing open, bending the hinges and making it impossible to close again. I therefore packed up and hurried to a garage for advice before they shut up shop. Anyway, I've added 2.1 knots to my 500m record and 1.5 knots to my 5x10s average. The later should move me up the overall rankings by about 200 places!

Tech Details: Navi GT-11 v1.62 (B1115), GPSAR Pro v2.7, Doppler.

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Platinum Supporter
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