NameHans Kleingeld
HomespotWolderwijd - Strand HorstVirtual Earth
Sponsor(s)Kater - Avanti Sails

Weight86 kg
Weight Class81-90
Height178 cm
Age classMaster (36-50)Homepage
Member sinceFriday, May 21, 2004
Sessions posted337
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DateThursday, October 21, 2010
Event2010 Telstar Ultimate Speed Meeting
SpotWolderwijd - Strand Horst, NetherlandsShows Spot in Virtual Earth
BoardStarboard Futura wood 93, 2011
SailSeverne Reflex Slalom 6.2, 2010
FinSelect Elite Caspar Speed 31
GPS typeNavi GT-11

Average speed36.57 knots ( 37.77 37.38 36.28 36.24 35.18 )Shows Runs in Virtual Earth
Max. 2 sec.39.56 knots
100 m run39.06 knots
250 m run36.76 knots
500 m run33.58 knots
Nautical mile7.3 knots
1 hour4.52 knots
Alpha racing8.56 knots
Distance17 km
Windspeed18 - 30 knots
Wind directionSW ( 270)

RemarksRedelijk geslaagde surfdag;-)

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  Platinum Supporter
Platinum Supporter
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1Hallvar Frey26.56
2Allan Cross37.65
3Fernando Lozano24.02
4Sam Hunt37.71
5Tony Robinson35.34
6Nils Bach36.45
7Dan Ward23.02
8Juan Herrero31.80
9Henning ter Horst28.84
10Marcus Stevens25.94
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