Welcome at GPS-Speedsurfing, New Website is coming !

As announced in January the new website of will be released in a few weeks time. To serve our members in the best possible way we will do the introduction in a few steps...The first step will be the introduction of our new logo, the new logo will be integrated on the current website at March, 1st.

A few days later will we put the new, full responsive, website online in preview mode. Both websites will be full functional during this stage, sessions posted on both websites will be published on both websites without any additional user interaction, so you don't have to worry where to post. During this stage you have the opportunity to get used to the new interaction design and the new graphics, and give feedback on bugs and possible enhancements,

The final stage will be starting in the second week of April,  from that moment on the new website will be full operational. We already planning additional releases for the next months, all of them will bring new features and enhancements based on the feedback we received. A lot of them will be on the Stats area.

As usual we keep you posted !!

   WGPSSRC Official Record Holder: 10 sec run
NameTony Wynhoven
WGPSSRC record titleNational Record
Sponsor(s)K.A. SAILS.
Record Speed48.51 knots
Record DateSunday, October 13, 2013
Record SpotLuderitz Speed Canal, NamibiaVirtual Earth
Record Board-
Record SailKA Sails Koncept 2014 5.4
Record FinKA-Fin Lockwood<>McDougall Assy 20
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Platinum Supporter
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1Hallvar Frey26.56
2Allan Cross37.65
3Fernando Lozano24.02
4Sam Hunt37.71
5Tony Robinson35.34
6Nils Bach36.45
7Dan Ward23.02
8Juan Herrero31.80
9Henning ter Horst28.84
10Marcus Stevens25.94
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