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   WGPSSRC Official Record Holder: 10 sec run
NameJurjen van der Noord
WGPSSRC record titleNational
Record Speed52.3 knots
Record DateWednesday, November 21, 2012
Record SpotLuderitz Speed Canal, NamibiaVirtual Earth
Record BoardStarboard Speed Special
Record SailSeverne Reflex III 5.6
Record FinmXr-fin UFO ASY 16
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10/31/20143:04 PMCan't enter Profile page
10/29/20148:16 PMHow to find spikes
10/27/20148:28 PMPryde EVO5 for sale
10/27/20145:00 PMSails and masts for sale
10/27/20144:52 PMPossible changes at West Kirby
10/27/20141:03 PMGold member
10/27/201410:59 AMNext Generation of GPS Devices
10/27/201410:45 AMGasoil 16,5 cm asy fin
10/26/20148:36 PMFins for Sale
10/24/20143:04 AMWest Kirby Tuesday



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