Van Den Berg

Hi all
i think i fancy a van den berg board.
Anyone have contact details for them?
many thanks

Matthew Burridge
4/27/2005Ruud de Graaf

Hi Matthew,
4/27/2005Ruud de Graaf

it says on the website that if you fancy a custom board you should contact Ron van den Berg (0229-219913)....international number would be
+31229-219913 is guess.....or maybe 0031

Thanks for the ultra fast response........... if the boards are as quick as you lot im in for a fast ride!
4/27/2005Martin van Meurs

It's my solemn beleive that modern gear can go much faster than the conditions allow 99% of the time you're on the water.

Why bother to make an ultra hard-core, difficult to control speed machine if you're just as fast on a board with softer rails, bigger range and chop breaking bottom shape? This was our initial thought when we decided to start building the hydrodynamic boards. After three years of development I can say I'm very happy we've gone in this direction. We learned so much about deep concaves and the ease of use of these boards is just incredible.

Ron is not too keen to build large quantities and is normally only building boards for his customers linked to his windsurfing shop. I hope he wants to make a board for you. You won't be disappointed.

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