Edge 205
8/28/2006Rob Munro


Does anybody know how good the above unit is and whether they will be accepted someday soon?

8/29/2006Andrew Daff

From reports and trackfiles I have seen it appears to be VERY good. There are some posts from Manfred Fuchs using this gps and some threads in the forum where it has been discussed.
I believe it is accepted now on a probationary basis.

From the FAQ:

2. GPS
The next GPS receivers are allowed:

* Garmin Geko
* Garmin Foretrex
* Garmin Forerunner
* Garmin Etrex Legend
* Garmin Etrex Vista

For the Garmin Edge there is still a trial period. This GPS can be used with the 1 second setting, but when a session is posted the use of this GPS must be written down in the comments section.
8/29/2006Roger van Tongeren

This weekend Dennis Littel has used an Edge 205. I have just received his track and it looks very clean. We will try to do a test with both an Edge and a Geko/Foretrex. When that is done and the test is good we will probably make it an official GPS receiver.
9/18/2006Manfred Fuchs

Over the last weekend I carried both a Foretrex201 (logging at 2sec interval) and my Edge205 (at 1sec) on my left arm. As expected, the grideffect of the Foretrex can clearly be seen: the distances between two trackpoints jump by around 2.4m (since I was surfing in N-S-direction) leading to speed jumps of 2.4m/2s=1.2m/s=4.3km/h=2.3knots. The Edge has a numerical accuracy of 9.3mm (a factor of 256 better, since the least significanl byte in contrast to the old unit contains meaningful data) resulting in smooth distance and thus speed curves even in the 1sec setting. An Excel-sheet screenshot of the fastest 500m run can be found at the bottom of http://www.gps-speed.com/test.html.
The good news is, that at least over 500m the effects average out leading to 31.351knots measured with the Edge versus 31.379knots with the Foretrex. The fastest 10sec run was 33.321knots (E205) versus 33.538knots (F201).
Cheers, Manfred
9/18/2006Roger van Tongeren

I have ordered an Edge 205, so we can finally do some testing ourselves. When there is wind Frank and I will test it against a Geko 201 and Foretrex 201.
In the near future we will also test the new Velocitec GPS. We'll keep you posted about our results. In the mean time if someone has sailed with both the Edge and a Geko or FT, then send the tracks to me (roger@gps-speedsurfing.com).
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