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  A couple of ESM related questions-for ESM-crew
8/31/2006Marcus Backlund


I have a couple of ESM questions:

I payed entrance fee through pay pal a couple of days ago. I got receipt from pay pal that they had charged my credit card. No receipt from ESM crew that they had received the payment. A couple of the other swedes that have payed have got confirmation from Dylan (i think). Just want to check that payment have been received...

Regarding details for the camping, when do you need that info? Some of the swedes are planning at the moment, who will go with who, how many tents etc

really looking forward for the event, I think it will be great fun!

8/31/2006GP3S Crew

Hi Marcus,

Dylan has received a message and will check your payment.

It's no big deal if the others are a little later. It would be best if we get the confirmation about the number of people and tents before the race. Even one day before is welcome. But you could always tell the reception you're a competitor for the race and still get a permit.
8/31/2006Michael Howard

maybe a stupid question.

why do yu need a permit to camp in a camping ground?
8/31/2006GP3S Crew

There's a barrier at the entry. You need an electronic permit to open it. The people at the reception would like to know who is staying on the camp ground and it's easier for them to make the permits beforehand. If big numbers of competitors and friendsare arriving at the same time procedures might take too long. Annoying for them as well as the competitors.
8/31/2006Roger van Tongeren

Maybe permit is not such a good word, it is an entrance card so you can open the barrier for the time the ESM is taking place!
8/31/2006Dylan de Jong

Marcus, I have sent you an e-mail with the confermation.
8/31/2006Marcus Backlund

Excellent! thank you Dylan.
9/1/2006Roger van Tongeren

Today the pre-registration period ended. Dylan will make an announcement with info about nr's of competitors (you will be surprised!!) so far and give some extra info!
9/4/2006Marcus Backlund


The people listed as competitors at ESM, are they the ones that have payed entrance fee, or is it still the one that have registred for the competition earlier?

9/4/2006Onno Pierik

They have registered for this event. It is not related with payment of the entrance fee.

Dylan knows the exact numbers. It is still possible to subcribe for the event at september 9, registration day. But we're in Holland so most of them will be Dutch... And the Dutch are famous about "this" so I think not much will register the 9th of september... ;)
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