New Zealand new spots
9/6/2006Andrew Daff

Just looked at the images from GE in the pictures section under this topic.
This one at 41.07 S 173 02 E is sensational. I assume that there are regular storm force Easterlies/ESE in this area?
Has anyone tried it out? Access looks pretty easy.
9/6/2006Burkhard Vierth

hi andrew,

we've got friends living close by the location you are showing. about 20km south in mapua.
on our last few visits i had a look at some spots in the area and was dreaming about how great these location could be if it the wind would blow strong enough from the right direction....

but that is the problem with all these nice looking spots in the nelson bay area, they only had the chance to grow because of mainly light winds.

the bay is surrounded on three sides by fairly high mountains, that either block the wind or deflect it a lot.
but make nelson the city with the most sunshine hours in nzl.
the only reliable wind pattern that i know of in that area is a NEer seabreeze in summer of around 10-15kn.

windsurfing has pretty much died complety in the nelson area and kitesurfing has taken over.

the other big problem with most shallow possible speed locations in that area is the tidal nature of them. a lot of them are too shallow to windsurf on other than high tide with great care.

keep looking.

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