ESM wind prediction
9/6/2006GP3S Crew

A minor easterly flow is predicted for the first days of the event. Thermical winds can occur with this direction. Hans Kleingeld will make a first update on the forecasts this evening.
9/6/2006Hans Kleingeld

Location Badhoophuizen

Saturday: E 2 to 3 Bft, during the afternoon regulary 4 Bft, descreasing during the evening, gusts 15 to 17 Kts
Sunday: E to SE 4 Bft, during the afternoon decreasing 3 Bft, gusts to 15 Kts at first

Weather is under influence of high pressure moving from the southern North Sea towards Eastern Europe. Conditions are mild for the time of year with a lot of sunshine on Saturday. Some minor clouds will folow on Sunday. Temperatures about 20 degrees. Due to diurnal heating and winds coming from inland winds will become gusty during the morning and afternoon.
9/6/2006Burkhard Vierth

hi hans,

hows it looking for tomorrow [thursday] and friday.
i'm planning to leave switzerland very early in the morning so that i have a chance to get a ride in the afternoon....

looking at windfinder and windguru it looks like there might be some sailable breeze from the NNW from 1500h to 1800h.....
fingers crossed.

9/6/2006Robert Seinen

Hans predicted for tomorrow afternoon 4 to 5 Bft. N, NW, and for friday 4 Bft, and later in the afternoon 3 Bft.
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