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9/10/2006Eric Baardman

I will be making photo's during the ESM and publish them on my site

The first photo's of the opening can already been seen.
9/10/2006Eric Baardman

There was a little bit of wind today. In the afternoon a few went on the water. Our local Connor Baxter had the time of his life.

Some of you know the local guy IT (Irritating Ton). He has this nick name, because he's always the first one who is planing in marginal conditions. Today he went on the water with a lollypop and tried to paddle himself into planing. Sorry Ton. I have the proof that even you cannot plane everytime.

Let's hope we get soms better windsurfingconditions later this week. The atmosphere is good!
9/10/2006Ton Nipshagen

Toffe foto,s eric.
Blij dat je toch nog wat leuke
aktie foto,s geschoten heb.
9/13/2006Eric Baardman

Today the local toy shops had a good day. All remote controlable planes were sold to the speedies of Bad Hoophuizen. Planes were flying around all day. Sometimes they went into the trees, but that's where a X9 is handy.

Roger had the biggest plane of them all. Just like on the water where he's sailing a 9.0 and everybody else at least 1.0 less.

Martin preferred small airplanes, which he was modifying to make them faster. He even asked Boogie some tips for airodynamics. In the end the airplane of Martin could only be flown by Martin himself. Just like his surfset. Ever tried to hook into his harness lines. They're sooooo long.

There was also a GPS session with a remote controlable car. The max speed was 64,9 km/h. I don't know if this counts for an official race ;-)

It's about time we get some wind, so we can present you some real speedsurf action foto's.

A few "action photo's" of today can be found on the site mentioned at the start of this topic.
9/13/2006Andrew Daff

Eric, there don't seem to be any photos up after the 10th
9/13/2006Roger van Tongeren

This should be the link:
9/13/2006Eric Baardman

As some of you already had noticed, I used 2 internet adressess for my site. This was because of lack of space.

This problem is now solved with the "new" website http://www.ericbaardman.com.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
9/16/2006Eric Baardman

There was finally enough wind today to go windsurfing. In the end it was not enough to call it an official race, but everybody could go on the water. I've taken many pictures today which you can find on my website. With the picture I also placed the date and time, which was synchronized with the GPS. In this way you can look how fast you went when I took the picture.

The link is:
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