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  Sandy point gets some wind finally...
9/19/2006Mathew Robertson

Its beginning to look like Sany Point might actually get some cold-fronts to hit it this week. Question for the SP locals - which days are looking good? (Giving work the flick...)
9/19/2006Andrew Daff

Hi Mathew. There looks like being plenty of wind but I am not confident we will get much quality sailing. It looks as though Wednesday and Thursday mornings, early, might just get a reasonable angle of wind but the tide is all wrong being low just before dawn. That would give a very small window of oppurtunity even if the wind does swing just to the south of west (which is a big IF!)
It's still a long way off and anything can and probably will change, but, Sunday arvo late looks half a chance. Tide will be on the way out and the wind might just go south enough to get some runs in.
The general weather patterns have taken a sudden change and there are some strong lows crossing the southern ocean. There seems to be more chance of some oppurtunities while this situation persists but the windows will probably be short and the situation pretty unpredictable. If you can be on a short lead time and watch the weather maps closely you might just get lucky.
9/20/2006Andrew Daff

Just so you know you didn't miss anything today....
I dragged myself out of bed at dawn today and went to check out the wind. It had rained all night and was just strarting to ease off. Unfortunately, the wind was still WNW to NW. Probably 25 knots+ but just too far north to even try for a run. Back to bed.........

I was stunned to see a windguru prediction of 44 knots Westerly for Sunday afternoon on the 19-09-06 utc12 run.
Can't remember seeing a prediction for winds that high before on the 'guru for this location. Todays run has it slipping into Monday morning but they are still predicting a peak at 42 knots SW at 4am Monday. If it keeps following this trend, Monday could be REALLY big!
9/20/2006Roger van Tongeren

I'm gonna check if there is a flight available ;-)...
9/20/2006Michel Van Der Pligt

Geeze Al who's idea was it to go down a week later this year. Hope you Victorians save some wind for us Queenslanders.
9/21/2006Mathew Robertson

Hi Andrew, thanks for that. I was tracking the BOM's wind meters right up until early morning - eventually realising that the wind had swung back to NW - so I didn't go. What was surprising was that the Wilsons Prom data stopped logging about 10pm.... As for Sunday/Monday: looks like there will still be northerly in it - hopefully the tide goes out far enough so that the north-west track becomes the go. ( Maybe I should just sail on the bay... :-)

As an aside: it is a pity the wind from Tasmania isn't here - there are peaks over 60 knots...
9/21/2006Andrew Daff

Cancel that ticket Roger! As soon as you posted that, the next Winguru had it all gone away. I am wondering if there is some cosmic connection! ;-)
9/22/2006David Trewern

Sunday now looks good on Windguru again. Not super strong (23-25) but that usually means strong conditions at the pit (at least for kites!). The direction looks perfect. The tide is high at 1.30 so very late afternoon would be the go... Widguru is all over the shop so who knows what will happen between now and then. There is also rain forecast which usually means unstable airflow and gustiness (which makes REALLY high speeds on the kite impossible). I'll keep an eye on it....
9/22/2006Shelby Reilly

David,you might want to look at your tide chart again,I have high at about 3pm.If its going to do it for us windsurfers we will want that wind to move in for a morning session.
9/22/2006Andrew Daff

Yep, Allowing for the tide delay, high will be around 3pm on Sunday in the inlet. But it is not a very high tide as high tides go so the late arvo could still be ok.

Today (Friday) is a chance for late this afternoon!
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