Question about Walvis Bay
9/21/2006Minos Efstathiadis

Some members are surfing in Walvis Bay.
I 'm thinking of participating in the speedweek and i can use an opinion about sails boards...?
I 'm 87 kgr.
9/26/2006Andrew Daff

G'day Minos,
I am surprised none of the Walvis regulars have picked up your question yet. Probably too busy having lots of sailing! I have not been there but from comments and pictures I have heard and seen it seems that Walvis is often a great angle in the early part of the day but with lighter winds. When the winds really kick in in the afternoon it tends to get a bit square, or at least a tighter angle than ideal. I guess this might infulence the type of boards and fins that work well there a lot of the time. It certainly appears to have very flat water so that should not be an issue.
9/26/2006Frank Stein

Hi Minos,

I am not sure where you normally sail but you will probably find the speedweek site realy sweet, the wind is normally southwest and is very steady around 25-30knots but can get all the way to 45kt, the angle is around 105 - 115 so it is realy square and you will probably have to use slightly larger fins than if you could go more downwind (130 degrees like the guys in aus !).
The speedstrip is only sailed down to your right, ie: rightfoot forward.
i weigh 105kg and am 189cm sail a missile 1 ( 228 x 50 66liters ) 99% of the time and use sails 5.0 up to 6.4 and fins from 24 - 27
I can get you some pics etc if you want, get me on my mail bayair@iafrica.com.na
I did some good sailing yesterday and results were posted today (26th).


9/26/2006Minos Efstathiadis

Hi Andrew and Frank,
Andrew lots of thanks for answering my message from Aus....and leting me know all this about Walvis Bay!
Frank thanks too, i 'm sending you an email...
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