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  More serious matter - Prize Money
1/8/2007Peter Watkinson

I wondered seems since there is a ranking on gps-speedsurfing, wouldn't it be nice to offer prizes or prize money

I thought one solution to an obvious problem - of someone on a jetski or powerboat setting a very fast time.

Would be to have a ranking list for speeds set in only certain spots - say West Kirby, Southend - the Ray, Weymouth - UK, Strand Horst, Leucate, POrt St Louis, Walvis Bay, Sandy Point etc....

Where if it's windy there is usually going to be plenty of witnesses, so dodginess is less likely.

Maybe EURO10,000 prize purse for 2007 could act as an incentive, maybe it could be time to get some advertising on the site to provide the funds surely this site has helped in increased demand for race sails, masts booms and slalom/speed boards.

A thought also could be to team up with windguru to provide weather data to back up the gps results from those spots,


1/8/2007Andrew Daff

I like the way it is now. There is a great personal friendly rivalry and a great feeling amongst the participants. Even if it was possible to find a sponsor for such a prize I think it would be better to encourage that money into sposoring specific GPS events like those held at Strand Horst, Sandy Point etc. Funds put towards an international GPS series of events would seem like a great idea.
1/8/2007Mal Wright

Andrew, I agree that for most of us, the fun is in the cameraderie and shared experience. But it would be good to have some encouragement for new members. Maybe a new members "event" so the best results posted by members that join in 2007, or each quarter, with a small prize at the end.
1/8/2007Matthew Burridge

The problem with prize money is only the top people get it and theirfore, in reality, it is no incentive to anyone else and can in effect put people off by all getting too serious.
Gps-speedsurfing has over 800 contributors, why set up a system that relies on mass participation with prizes for the top few?
The professional speed sailing circuit fails miserably in terms of participation, tha amateur gps-speedsurfing wins hands down, coincidence? i dont think so.
I like andrews idea of putting any finances towards furthering the cause with events and the such like.
There is also the matter of the backroom guys at gps-speedsurfing. At the moment i am a volunteer time keeper, as are all the others around the world, and then there is the dutch team who set it all up and maintain it, who are also unpaid. Im not sure how i would feel if the top speeds were getting prize money off of the back of me spending my free time making it work.........?
1/8/2007Guillaume Demartres

same for the new entrants; if there is some prize for new comers, we might see some big names joining just for it, there are plenty of top names not registered here, dunkerbeck for example !
money is all (nearly )about pros and they have enough with other forms of events ! gps-ss is all about fun, money is not fun it's professionalism ! let's keep things the way they are !
if something has to be done with some funds I agree on a huge gathering of speeders, possibly with a changing location every year ! that would sound fun !

and again about the big names, loads of them never took the time to come around here and they knew about the site, if money is involved they will come just for this, I'm not interested by that.
1/8/2007Martin van Meurs

I am totally with Andrew on this matter. Focus on local events and try and organize some nice prizes. Matthew is completely right that we should not only focus on the very top.
1/8/2007Adrian Bonomi

Encourage the roots to grow and the buds will take care of themselves.

1/8/2007Mark Hayford

Maybe two catergrories, novice and top-flight. Graduate through the novice class with the main aim being to get into the top flight division. A novice (like myself) would have to make an achievement of some type, maybe 40k top speed or something similair to qualify entry into top flight class. Just a thought.
1/9/2007Cameron Steele

I have always thought an easy way to split the two would be by rating those with sponsorship in the top and those without as novice. It is a field already filled out on this site so wouldn't require much work one would think.
1/9/2007Al Green

Yeh, I don't like the idea of price money at all, that is when the sport gets too serious and to competitive and you will find that it will kill the sport as there becomes too many conflicts and arguments over minor matters as the greed for the dollar/euro takes over..
At our last event "speed fortnight" at sandy point we gave away about AU$1500, worth of prizes kindly donated by sponsors, this was held by a random draw for those who competed on that day, this way everyone has an equal chance to win even if you were the slowest,,,, except if your name in Mathew R. as he must have won at least one third of the total prize value.

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