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  European storm ranking results 18-01
1/18/2007Chris Lockwood

You dutch boys are optimistic :o)
1/18/2007Frant Bucek

But what is the eligibility criteria? Its the 18th here and I have got about 5 knots of breeze. If I go out and post a session will I be eligible???
1/18/2007Andre Mook

Lets see what the dutch guys can do today. I'm verry hopefull for good results.
1/18/2007Stijn Pontfoort

Maybe we just started this topic to get in SOME ranking at least ;-)

I hope for the best for the guys going out today. It's really blowing outside right now with gusts up to 110-130 km/h (60+ knts) all over the Netherlands.
1/18/2007Frant Bucek

is there an online weather station nearby?
1/18/2007Raymond Wortel


Between the center and the coast :
Choose "wind" and than "windspeed"

Windfinder report
Server is a bit busy!

Coastal data


From my desk I can see a big part of Amsterdam, there is a LOT of wind :))
1/18/2007Onno Pierik

I did that just for fun... :D

I noticed everyone was chasing to get a top 10 2007 ranking. Pushing even more to get in there. I can't remember to see so much high speeds in such a short period. Nice to see but also something to think about. Because there's something to go for you now see some "unknown" speedies.

I think it's fun to have some creative rankings from time to time.
1/18/2007Anton J. Geesink

This one is nice also.


1/18/2007Ryan Walker

Its been blowing 50 knots all morning here on the isle of wight, eng. Could be some good results coming from all over europe today.

1/18/2007Dylan de Jong

The wind in Ijmuiden (the Nord See coast) just reached over 70,8 knots (avg over 30 sec)....... this is increadble.

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