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  Sandy Point Speedweek attendees
8/14/2005Kean Rogers

Just wondering who we'll having attending Speedweek from around the world. The Roo will be jetting in from the USA and staying all Summer. Looks as if Chris L is coming from WA, is Chris T from NZ in. Also the locals Daffy, Ian Fox and Mal, and a few fellows from the Sunshine state. Are any of the Euros coming, did I see Roger mention he might visit. Lets get a list going to see who in.

Chris L
Chris T
Ian Fox

feel free to add your name. I'll even offer "Roo's Big Balls" trophy for the most epic run, ie the highest speed resulting in a wipeout!

8/14/2005Chris Torckler

Kean... as much as I would like to be there ... I am starting into a house building project...that will keep me fully occupied for the next 6 months..( at least from 7am to 20 knots) ...lousy timing for me.. but I am sure there will be a couple of takers for the event from over here!...
8/14/2005Roger van Tongeren

Big chance I will be there!
8/14/2005Roger van Tongeren

Plan is btw to stay for the Speedweek in Australia and then go for a week to Auckland to visit relatives. Maybe I can help Chris T. with some painting ;-)...
8/14/2005Paul Moss

90% sure i will be there with about 12 others staying at Al Greens hotel.
8/15/2005Chris Torckler

Roger... hope you include do NZ in your trip ... pack the paintbrushes and if it blows we will have to get you out on the Manukau!
8/15/2005Andrew Daff

It's looking big Kean. People are coming out of the woodwork everywhere. It will be lots of fun and fast for sure.
8/15/2005Craig Hollins

I,m in.It will great to put faces to all these names i know of the net.Chris T disapointed your can,t come.

.......not that my attendance last year was overly noteworthy, but i'll be driving over from South Australia again. This year look out! New sails, new boards, new fins....... and my family is coming too. I've told them all how good I am, so now I need to deliver!

I'm trying to round up numbers on SA too, but you know how it is. They all say "yes", but they really mean "no".

Can't wait - it's the best event!


There are 6 of us coming down from Sydney, few of the other locals are deliberating about it.

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