F2 Xantos 295cm Board

Has anyone had any previous experience using this board? If so what are any pros or cons or just any comments on the board.

Hi, I have used this board a long time ago. It is a free ride board designed for easy sailing (at the time). Long and narrow, as were boards of that era. Don't think about using it as a speed board as it wasn't very fast. My mate who owned it used to get peeved when I came blasting passed him on my F2 Sputnik. He swapped it for somtthing faster.

It's a nice board to ride. Even though it is fairly old.A guy I know has one and he loves it. He can dog around and up-haul comfortably and use it with sail sizes down to about 5 well.

A nice board all round I thought..

It`s a classic !
I bought one when it came around in `98, and I have kept it, because it is a nice board. Very good for sail size 6.6 - 8.3. It is not a speedboard, but you can easily go 30 kts on it.

I had a Xantos II 295 for years. Changed it for a Fanatic XXX 135. It seams to me that The Cross is a bit slower than the Xantos, but the XXX is more confortable in chop and jibes better.

The Xantos II is certainly a classic and, in my opinion, still a very good board to own!

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