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  Chris Lockwoods New Speed Board
9/7/2005Michael Howard

Hi ChrisL

I notice you have just tried out your new board and stated in your session:
"VERY low nose and I buried it at full tilt a few times. It needs flat water but there were a few moments where I could get it to trim nice. Its so stable and not hard to get going. Rockets upwind too."

As matter of interest what are the basic specs for this new board of yours, i.e Nose Lift etc?

Further.... I am in the process of building new boards for myself & have already cut my profiles. I have been out of Windsurfing for 5 years and a little in the dark with modern board shapes.

I know that modern speed/ slalom boards are now wider & have wide tails, wide tails = more volume in the tail compared to older style boards.

At same time more volume in the tail makes the nose of the board trim lower therefore more rocker is required.

Any advice would be appreciated?
Thanks in advance, Michael @
9/7/2005Chris Lockwood

Hi Michael,

I'll give you measurements when I get home. It needs some tweaking before I give it a verdict.

9/7/2005Barry van Lingen

Hi Chris,

I pulling my teeth out by seeing the results you're putting down on the site. Why ? We're having a really bad time at Strand Horst Netherlands with wind. You guys having a blast and enjoying to work on your trim, speed, testing boards, etc. I just needed to say........enjoy and have lots of fun ! Pray for some wind a this site of the world. I almost forgot how to surf............


Barry van Lingen
9/7/2005Matthew Shaw

Dont fret Barry its not the wind we have to think about on this side of the world, its the snow :) the wind is on its way!
9/8/2005Menno Barkmeijer

I wouldn't mind a bit of snow in-between, when that would mean that we actually get ANY wind over here.
9/9/2005Chris Lockwood

Hi guys,

Yes we have been lucky here. We had a series of cold fronts come through which were quite windy at times. Its great to use the 5.6m for a change. I cant wait for some flat water though. Sandy Pt is not far off now- 5 weeks to go before I head off.

Michael, sorry for the delay with measurements. I was on a mission to get out sailing yesterday and had to get the board cooking before I left (to get the water out). Its still wrapped up under a tarp tent with the heater going so its a bit hard to measure. I cant find the original drawings for the rocker because its 8 years old. Its an old 55cm flat water slalom board I made back in the '90s that I took to with assorted power tools to convert to a 44cm speed board. The nose was really flat to start with (14cm lift) and I shortened it so its down to around 8cm now. Not a lot of nose lift for chop! But I feel that gives some advantages on moderately flat water when its really pumping. It trims quite nicely when not worrying about nose diving. I thought I'd snapped it the other day when it buried though.

9/9/2005Michael Howard

Hi Chris,

8 cm rocker is low, very low....flat water only board.
@ 44cm there can't be much volume?

You have been lucky with that wind, over the ditch our weather has flipped out.
Meant to be Spring with South West winds from those Antartic lows that 1st hit Sandy Point & then us.
This year the Wind has been NE & E's, the type of winds you would expect from late summer....not what you would expect from early spring!

Maybe the Euro's have switched the North Pole to the South without telling us?

Michael, it's actually quite thick, maybe 4 1/2 or 5 inches so quite floaty and the nose is a bit like the front of the fanatic TT05. Chris was in a bit of a hurry to get it on the water...hence the missed pin hole leaks and the footstaps positions were not ideal. It would have been great yesterday as the chop wasn't so bad but who would have thought we would get 3 straight days of good wind this time of year! For Sandy Point it should be a ripper (or in your case the lynnfield run).

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