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  Not seeing my sessions in session or ranking search
9/8/2005Michal Prussak

I am a new user, but I don't see this addressed in any FAQs. I have just posted my speeds from a recent session (actually ended up being reported as 3 session as my track is split to eliminate spikes). I can see my sessions under My GPS, but I can't see them under Rankings search - either when searching by Ranking or Session. Actually, I can see one session when I search, but only when I search by ranking and by max GPS, and by Spot (Jordan Lake). So what gives - why are my other sessions not showing up?

And if I have a split track, should I rejoin it to get the correct "average" or if I post multiple sessions for the same spot/day, will the system automatically combine them?

I also posted one of the tracks twice by accident, and obviously I can't delete it...
9/8/2005Onno Pierik

Hi mprussak...

It's because we check all registered users. When they use their own full name it is ok, then we'll activate the user. Which means you're visible by other users. When registering you see a message why we want to use full names. And it is no problem to use a nickname or some abbreviation and you can still use the site. But then you don't share your sessions with other visitors.

If you want to change your username, please let me know and I'll change it.
9/8/2005Steve Pritchett

As usual Onno is everywhere, all the time. I was just about to suggest the same solution.

How is sailing up there now on Jordan Lake? I learned there on a windsurfer one-design in 1984.

We need some more Carolinians posting. I hope your problem is solved.
9/8/2005Michal Prussak

Thanks Onno.

I just registered somewhat automatically. Yeah, you can change my name to Michal Prussak. You can also delete my sessions, I can add them from scratch and with more care.

One thing I found a little strange is that the 2-sec software speed appears to be almost 1 kt higher than my max GPS display speed. I think I have eliminated the spikes from my logs. Anyway, I guess it's no big deal, since my speeds are nothing special anyway.

Windsurfing on Jordan Lake is fine, I guess. There is a group of about 20-30 sailors in the area who regularly show up when it blows, and I've also met some new faces on light wind "learning" days. Using GPS for measuring speed is getting popular here, too, so I am actually a guinea pig for the local sailors. My intention is to set up a web page with a link to display the local results.

For sailors who are unable to get their track logs, is it ok to post just the max displayed speed? Or are track logs required? Some people here have the Garmin Forerunner which does not come with the cable for downloading data - though the one from Foretrex works. But the Forerunner does not have the setting to log every 2 seconds, so the users don't have control over the resolution of logging.
9/8/2005Michal Prussak

I meant to say in my previous post that out of the 20-30 "hardcore" windsurfers about half show up on a windy day here - weekends OR weekdays. So on a good day you'd see about 7-12 sailors. Many of us do pretty regular trips to the coast, too.
9/9/2005Onno Pierik

Hi Michal, please login the next time using:
Michal Prussak

Registering only max display it's no problem and it will be visible in the max 2 sec gps ranking. However, to make your session more impressive to the other speedies please analyze your whole tracklog.
9/9/2005Michal Prussak

Thanks! It's working fine now!

9/12/2005Michal Prussak

Actually, I am still running into problems.

When I run a search for rankings for Jordan Lake with max GPS speed, I don't see myself but instead another local sailor (who registered with a screen name rather than real name):

1 o2bnme 30.8 mph Jordan Lake North Carolina

When I search under average of 5 fastest, max 2 sec run, I get no hits, but when I search under max 10 second, 250m and 500m I see my session. I can also see my results when I search for sessions rather than rankings.

So it appears that there is some sort of a bug in the search mechanism. In some cases it returns nothing, in one case it returns the anonymous result, and in some cases it returns the named results.

If I may also suggest an enhancement for the search mechanism: when displaying the search results, the form should be initialized to display the search criteria that were used for the search. This way if I am searching several times and just want to change one thing, I don't have to keep selecting all settings - especially the location.

Being a developer myself, I would be happy to volunteer to help develop the site. Let me know if you would like to use my help.
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