Southeastern US Speedsailors-Ophelia observations
9/12/2005Steve Pritchett

Anyone with any thoughts as to sites this week with good potential in the SE US or observations at your location?

Outer Banks are out, evacuations in effect, and way too close to expected landfall.

Harkers Island probably the same.

Southport-Fort Fisher? If the storm moves on the predicted track it should be past Wilmington by Wed. The wind forecast is good but will it get too much rain, surge, and flood out? Triad fresh water lakes? Any decent speed flats on E, NE, N?

Wind NW here at Lake Norman and about 10kts. The wind field is large but probably not large enough to provide winds speeds here over 20kts this week. I doubt the storm center will ever be within 250 nm of here.
9/13/2005Steve Pritchett

It's not gonna happen here. I sailed today on Lake Norman, wind 6-10, maybe 15 kts gust. Ophelia's outer bands (I even felt a few rain sprinkles) are overhead but if anything the wind is diminishing here. Good wind on the coast but the hard to predict landfall and the forecast 30cm+ of rain have pretty much ruled out any trip.

Bring on the cold fronts.
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