Sort by board?
9/16/2005Ryan Walker

What are the chances of there being a feature added to sort top speeds by board? And maybe board range, eg. dedicated speed boards / slalom: 70-100 litres / slalom 100-130 / slalom 130+ / freeride 90-110 ??

something like that ?

Because I only have a freeride board at the moment, I would love to compare myself to similar boards as I feel as though I can't get anything above 32 knots with my board/fin combo.
9/20/2005Jona Ljungstrom

This site has super potential for looking at different statistics.

On my wish list more sorts and rankings should be visible.
Sort by rider weight.
Sort by Sail size.
Sort by beach in country (not just rider nationality, what is the fastest beach in Holland, France, and so on).
Most likely this is rather simple to implement since the data already is in place.

Thanks for a super nice job with this site guys! :-)

9/20/2005Roger van Tongeren

Your ideas have already been on our action-list for a while but had lower priority compared to other things. But your comments work very good to get it higher on the list and a lot of the major points are also finished now.
Tomorrow we have a team meeting and we will make further plans for improving the site!
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