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  Grats to Ian Fox & Mal Wright
9/17/2005Simon Hinkley

Have to say what fine speeds by you two guys at Sandy Point.

Would have loved to have seen the runs you guys were doing. How close to the bar are you sailing?

Being able to see such awsome speeds from all you top guys realy puts fire in the belly for the next windy day.

Thanks gps-speedsurfing!
9/17/2005Chris Torckler

Daffy will be spittin tacks that he missed this one! awesome times Ian, Mal and Craig... new personal bests all round!
sounds like Sandy point is just warming up and a lot of potential to go a lot faster yet.... once Tony gets there as well the competition be firing!

the low system from queensland has almost hit us here with 40 to 50 northerly forecast today and swinging west 25 to 30 tomorrow! tides will be late 4pm start but hoping for a good one!

9/18/2005Chris Lockwood

Hooray for Sandy Pt.

Well done guys! Looks like you had a top day. Ian- you pipped some of my times from last year's speedweek! Awesome. Glad to see you have your stuff working. And with plenty of time to spare for speedweek...

Shelby. I'll be having a beer for you mate. You hit the magic 40! It was only a matter of time.

Mal- you are rapidly winding up to speed again. Also great to see your old board is still a very capable weapon indeed.

Daffy- there will be other days.

I cant wait to get there. Planning to be there around the 18th of October. Looks like tenting will be the go this year (for most of it).

Mal, I switched my gps unit to recording on distance (75 feet) and I get 2 second recording from ~22knots-44.5knots. Yeah I know it is a little wishful thinking on my part but it may suit you as you don't get your tracklog clogged with all those 2 second recordings on the long walk back. And you don't have to worry about forgeting to switch it back on either. ChrisL has his on 50 feet, but then it jumps to one second recording for most of his runs.

9/18/2005Mal Wright

Ian was running about 10-15 meters out in the chop. I guess he was trying to get some release off the board by "skimming" the tips of the chop. My board was working well on the fine ripple chop about 3-4 meters from the bank with the bigger chop generating a little bounce that I did not quite get under control due to the rocker line of my small needle (its sits up on the very tail of the board). As I got round the bank toward the bottom of the course, it got a little lumpy and then I started to skim the bigger chop. Looking at my times, I set my fastest times midway down the course at a tighter angle and clocked over peaks over 40 on 5 of my runs but not for long enough to show up on the 10 second runs. As I was walking back, I didn't give myself much of a runup and might have benefited from a longer start.

David, I might do that with the settings as I always seem to manage a screw-up with the GPS. Thanks for the advice.
9/18/2005Simon Hinkley

Thanks for the reply Mal, interesting stuff.

Your fastest 2 second was at the tighter angle. I then asumed you would be on a 24-26 fin. I looked & my eyes popped out when i saw you were using a 20! What sort of angle did you get the max speed?

You must have been going sideways untill 20+ knots lol.

Being extra nosey whats the chord on your custom fin?
9/18/2005Ian Fox

ThanX Simon/CT/CL, all good stuff to fire up the enthusiasm for the coming season.

Agree also it's really good to see guys like Shelby and Craig coming along; and there'll be others polishing their fins (or credit cards). A lot more guys taking interest, which is a good thing overall. Shelby was kinda in the doldrums last year but stuck it and now he's really starting to burn, Craig is coming along nicely too and doing a lot of his own stuff with fins and board (re)shapes, trying different things and improving.

Daffy, well, after all the time he has put in chasing "the" next big session I can understand him foresaking one "medium" forecast day (17Sept was only good, not mega on both The Guru and the day) for a neat weekend playing snow - but no doubt we all sympathise with him on that one that got away. There'll always be others. But I don't think he'll miss the next one, do you (??)

Hey Simon , I don't mind taking the rough side (20-30m) when it's fast, a technique that pays sometimes... but has cost big on others...
Either way, you don't get bored out there ;)

Cheers ~ Ian
9/18/2005Andrew Daff

Bloddy Heck! It seems to be raining personal bests at Sandy Point.

A big congratulations to Mal, Ian, Craig and Shelby!

We are starting to see a bit more of this speed strips potential for sure.

It seems I made to wrong call. (slight understatement). I can feel the salt being rubbed into the wound from hundreds of kays away. I sure hope there are other days like that SOON!

On the bright side (?), the snow was FANTASTIC! I think it was the last harrah for this season so I was not too upset (much).

Now too a bit of speed sailing.............
9/18/2005Chris Lockwood

I forgot to congratulate Craig. Good to read you are joining the backyard tinkering club :) Are you also recycling materials from old slalom boards? Its a great way to save some money if you can afford the time.

Ian (and the other players), I hope its not a walk in the park for any of us at speedweek this year. I also hope that we get a decent front that week!

Isn't this a new Australian record for both 250m and 500m for speeds sailed within Australia ?
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