Since the introduction of we have used several approved GPS-Devices, in recent years we switched over to Doppler supported devices, first introduced with the GT-11 and later the GT-31.  Sadly the production of the GT-31 has reached the “End of Life” status, so the availability will be very limited in the next months.

Our Technology team has been working on other GPS-Devices in the last months, and we are currently working on two parallel tracks. The first track is focused on the development of a new High-End GPS Devices, capable to measure with Doppler GPS functionality. This High-End Device will be based on the ThingSee, and will be equipped with our own custom software, making it fully equipped for our special features like the 10 seconds run, the Nautical Mile, Alpha speeds, etc etc.     

The second track that we working on is the use of default GPS Devices, we realize that this standard devices will not reach the high-end specifications of Doppler GPS today, but the quality has increased that much thats it's suitable for normal day-to-day use, and the average surf-sessions this devices could be a nice alternative for some windsurfers. We are exploring the possibilities of enhancing the software of “standard” GPS-Devices. Target is to reach the current standards of GPS logging at, so making it possible to measure at a 1 per second rate, and log the number of satellites.

In general we allow any GPS Devices that’s is capable of logging GPS Data with a sample rate of 1 per second and support the .GPX data format. Please notice that the use of .GPX format is not allowed for records, and is more suited for normal day-to-day surf sessions. The only fully approved format at this stage is the .SBN format, in general only supported by the (B)GT-11 & (B)GT-31. We expect to bring the new High-End device on the market in June 2015.

1. Setting up the (B)GT-31

Make sure that your device has the right SD-card (maximum size 2 GB) and the right firmware, the following firmware versions are recommended:

  • V1.2 B1405a (official WGPSSRC allowed firmware)
  • V1.3 1123
  • V1.4 0315T

If not delivered with the correct version make sure you have the correct firmware & settings installed. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The (B)-GT31 is not fully waterproof, so you need to use a Aquapack, Boxit or Equivalent.


2. Setting  up a general GPS Device for

  • Make sure that the devices supports a 1 per second GPS Frequency Rate and store the data in .GPX format.
  • Export your session to .GPX format,  please follow instructions by your own manufacturer
  • Import your .GPX file in with our auto-upload feature, you can find this in the “My GPS” Section