The best available GPS for windsurfing, kitesurfing and icesailing is the Navi (B)GT11/(B)GT31. The Navi (B)GT11/(B)GT31 is a nice GPS unit that has many useful features, such as good accuracy and the ability to log the track data to removable SD card every second for a long time (days) - just to mention a few. See for more information the Locosys website.

GPS-Speedsurfing recommends the (B)GT31 and it is available worldwide.

STEP 1: Getting a (B)GT31
Contact GPS-Speedsurfing for distribution in Europe or find a local reseller, see for an actual list of resellers the locosys website.  GPS-Speedsurfing provides preconfigured GPS devices with correct firmware and settings.

Your shopping list should contain the following items:

  • (B)GT31
  • SD-card (maximum size 2 GB)
  • Water proof armband case
  • (optional) bike mount kit
  • (optional) running arm strap

STEP 2: configuring the GPS - Firmware
If not delivered with the correct version make sure you have the correct firmaware installed, see the website of Tom Chalko for the instructions. For the (B)GT31 and for the (B)GT11.
The following firmware versions are recommended:

STEP 3: configuring the GPS - Settings
If not already delivered with the correct settings make sure you have the correct settings configured before using for windsurfing, kitesurfing or icesailing. See the website of Tom Chalko for the correct settings:

Water resitant armband case:
There are several options for waterresistant housings:


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